Monday, July 6

Arctic Monkeys- 'Crying Lightning'

. Monday, July 6

Arctic Monkeys premiered 'Crying Lightning' the first song from their forthcoming 3rd album 'Humbug' tonight.

The swaggering and ramshackle sound is a new one to AM- can Alex Turner do sexy? And why is he obsessed with sweets? Gobstoppers, pick 'n' mix, red liquorice? The man's a pervert. Still too much of a good thing can of course lead to the 'tooth-ache' he mentions later on in the song. Perhaps his teeth started to rot due to a few girls from.... (Cut- Libel Ed)

Anyway, producer Josh Homme's influence is felt strongly in the hypnotic and enticing guitar solo towards the end and all bodes well for the new album. 'Humbug' is due for release in late August and 'Crying Lightning' is available to download from midnight on Itunes.

What do you think of this new song? Best song they've ever written? The worst? Excited about the new album? Which first single was best- '... Dancefloor', 'Brianstorm' or this one?

Arctic Monkeys- 'Crying Lightning'



dave said...

Crying Lightning is a new sound for the arctic monkeys. It's as if they have their indie/post-punk sound and made it pyschedelic with a more gloomy sound. Not as catchy as Alex Turner's older work, but defently getting more complex and mature. At first listen, the song may seem dissapointing, but by the 2nd or 3rd listen it became more and more appealing. My first impression was that the song deserved about a 5/10 rating, but now that ive throughly digested it, i beleive it deserves an 8/10

Michael said...

I have no idea how the first comment can call it a new sound. It sounds exactly like a left over track from Favourite Worst Nightmare. Cookie is using an indentical guitar sound to the one he used on the majority of their last album and the structure is nothing new. They've just turned the bass up and added a little guitar solo. If that's what consitutes a new sound these days then original music is dead quite frankly and we should all go home. I actually quite like the song but I am very disappointed with the lack of evolution in their sound.

dave said...

Even if Cookie is using a similar sound for his guitar dosnt mean the overall sound of the song is the same as the Arctic Monkeys previous work. The Whole band and composition goes into the sound of the single. For instance, Alex Turners voice stays at a consistantly low pitch and the whole song runs with a sort of hypnotic sound that the Arctic Monkeys have never expiremented with before. And you can't say that the solo sounds completly differnt from solos from previous songs as well as the military drum beat/vocal interterlude with the spooky wind in the background. If you can't notice the differences in their style you should give the song a few more listens.

dave said...

can't say that the solo dosn't sound*

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