Tuesday, June 9

Simian Mobile Disco- 'Audacity Of Huge'

. Tuesday, June 9

James Ford's fingerprints are all over 2009. As if producing the likes of Florence, Peaches, Arctic Monkeys and Klaxons albums wasn't enough he's bringing out the second SMD album too. Technically the second song heard from the album (see the Kate Moross produced video for Synthesise') 'Audacity of Huge' is officially the first single from the forthcoming LP 'Temporary Pleasure'. Featuring Chris Keating of NYC oddballs Yesayer the track is a minimal ode to pop culture icons and unrequited love featuring some of the best lyrics of the year.

"I got that Bob Fosse
I got that Joey Ramone
A bag of Bill Murray
Damien Hirst Telephone
Check got that gold-thronged studded alligator leather
Digital-video picture frame of us together."


"Double Dutch dinosaur duplex in Dubai
I’ll be there with my friend the Sultan of Brunei."


"I got it all
Yes it’s true
…So why don’t I get you."

'Temporary Pleasure' is released on August 17th on Wichita. Hear 'Audacity Of Huge' below.



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