Tuesday, June 2

Questions with... Silhouette

. Tuesday, June 2

First album you ever bought?
Probably Take That.

Last album you bought?
Human League -Travelogue

First gig you went to?
An Australian band called 28 Days…

Favourite venue to watch a band?
Brudenell Social Club in Leeds

Band member with the worst habits?
No comment…don’t want to get in trouble before we go on tour!

What single thing would improve life in a band?
Money. Not a lot, just enough.

Whose career do you most admire?
Nick Cave or Jarvis Cocker

Favourite new band?
I’m waiting for something really great…

Favourite band on your label?
Hatcham Social.

Being alive....... is underrated.

Being dead....... is overrated.

The best and worst things about being in a band are?
Best- not having to grow up worst- not having any money.

As a teenager the posters on your bedroom wall were of....
Brandon Boyd from Incubus. Still are…

...... makes us laugh. I’m notoriously bad at jokes.

City you would most like to visit?
New York, I love it.

The last great thing I saw online was...
A video of my friends’ brother sailing around the world.

Beatles or Rolling Stones?
Rolling Stones.

Prince or Michael Jackson?
So close but I love Michael Jacksons’ Dangerous to much.

Photo: Dan Wilson



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