Thursday, June 4

For the Record: May

. Thursday, June 4

Shit, totally forgot it was June already. May's been a pretty great month all in all, maybe the best of the year so far. Here are my picks of the best albums released during the month.

The Horrors- Primary Colours (Review)
The Maccabees- Colour It In (Review)
Patrick Wolf- The Bachelor (Review)
Passion Pit- Manners (Review)
Jarvis Cocker- Further Complications
Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson- Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson
Grizzly Bear- Veckatimest
Maximo Park- Quicken The Heart (Review)

I genuinely can't decide between The Horrors and Maccabees for album of the month. The former is such a massive progression and makes me feel proud of the band, like watching a bullied child hit back with a round house kick. However The Maccabees have made their own steps forward and made one of the most romantic albums I've heard in years. Chances are they'll both be competing for the #1 spot in my end of year poll- let's call it a draw for May and let battle commence in December.

Notable absensces: Green Day and Manic Street Preachers. Old men in punk bands are the saddest thing in the world.

Download these

The Horrors- 'Sea Within A Sea'
The Maccabees- 'No Kind Words'
Patrick Wolf- 'Damaris'
Passion Pit- 'The Reeling'
Jarvis Cocker- 'Angela'
Maximo Park- 'Roller Disco Dreams'
M-BAR- 'Buriedfed'
Grizzly Bear- 'Two Years'

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Carlos said...

Totally agree with Maccabees and horrors.
horrors with a huge step up and Maccabees are a band that infiltrate the heart and mind.
good list

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