Friday, June 12

Boring by the TV

. Friday, June 12

Another ad for the Video blog I set up the other week today, mainly as I've not written enough to fill all 5 days and am in London today. So yeah, music videos. I started the blog as I was seeing so many I really liked and I'm seeing new things all the time. This week for instance you can see new promo's from Empire Of The Sun (so much $$$), Lady GaGa, White Lies, Phoenix and La Roux. They join entries from last week courtesy of The Maccabees ("I put the kettle in the fridge"), Mika Miko and Kings of Leon.

Is this a good idea for a blog? I feel like if I didn't do it myself I'd definitely have it bookmarked and visit daily so I guess it is. I like how it works as a kind of playlist or mixtape too. Finally, if anyone knows of cool videos I'd be interested in then let me know.

Find the video blog here:

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