Tuesday, June 16

The Answering Machine- 'Another City, Another Sorry'

. Tuesday, June 16


Ever since The Answering Machine emerged with their drum machine and classic indie pop they always seemed like a band destined for big things. It must be frustrating then that since their debut single ‘Oklahoma’ in 2006 their profile has never really surpassed ‘potentially brilliant’. All the ingredients are in place, from the Arctic Monkeys style Northern Romance to the Los Campesinos esque twee melodies and underground reference points it should place The Answering Machine amongst the likes of White Lies as the most anticipated debut record of the year.

Yet that’s not the situation at all. If anything ‘Another City..’ is sneaking out so undetected that the radar is listening to their demos and wondering when they’re coming back with something new. Quite why they’ve failed to gather momentum both media and success wise is a conundrum however if it’s going to happen then ‘Another City, Another Sorry’ is certainly capable of getting the Manchester four piece there. Produced by Idlewild and Manics producer Dave Eringa it’s a punchy and addictive collection of teenage dalliances, 21st century love letters and classic disco anthems. From the opening thrash of guitar right through to the end the eleven tracks the exuberance of the band never stops shining and the feeling is infectious. A dizzy array of choruses fly by at a rate that would give the average Wombats fan heart palpitations and the overall sound of the album is set to colossal throughout. ‘Obviously Cold’ is a wall of sound interspersed with jangles aplenty before a tidal wave of a chorus sweeps through the song soaking all in it’s wake. Similarly ‘Cliffer’ is a giddy and euphoric sing along whilst ‘The Information’ slows things down showing the band can deal with things besides the sugar rush. Long time fans will revel in the re-recorded ‘Oklahoma’ and ‘Lightbulbs’ whilst ‘Tomorrow’, a career defining single for most Radio 1 approved bands, is seen off early in the maelstrom of fun and anthems.

If The Inbetweeners had a house band then it would be The Answering Machine. They capture an essence of youth, a heady mixture of running as fast as your legs will carry you and laughing until your stomach hurts. They’re not revolutionary and you might fear that they have missed the boat by twelve months but ‘Another City, Another Sorry’ is as fun as any debut album you’ll hear in 2009.


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