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The Northwestern

FAO: Fans of Hope Of The States- Sam Herilhy and Simon Jones are back! Aside from the instrumental act Troubles and Michael Siddell playing violin for Lightspeed Champion a solid piece of post-HOTS action has been ruefully absent so it is with open arms we greet The Northwestern. Herilhy's gravelly vocals are back but where they were once wrought with emotion and grandiosity they are now sitting a top Summery chords and triumphant pop hooks. 'All The Ones' is currently streaming via the bands Myspace page and has a collective and triumphant air to it, like Arcade Fire dancing with Polyphonic Spree it's unashamedly big but fun and frivolous at the same time. A single is due in June but the band tour before then starting in Winchester on May 29th and ending up at East London's 93 Feet East on the 9th of June.

The Northwestern@ Myspace

Theophilus London

Whilst Kid Cudi got into bed with Crookers for his smash hit and Asher Roth just annoyed everybody with his the other most hyped rapper of 2009 has been keeping a typically cool, almost stealth line into action. Theophilus London (ironically from Brooklyn) released his free to download 'This Charming Mixtape' at the start of '09 and has slowly but surely been reaping the hipster tips and critical praise from it. Featuring samples of Whitney Houston, blog-house and Amadou and Mariam it's about as far removed from "Life isn't wasted when you're getting wasted" as it's humanly possible to be. 'This Charming Mixtape' provides twists and turns at every opportunity with Theo's flow running smoothly all over the various genres and samples. At 18 tracks long the chances are you won't like everything on the mix but the industry and innovation of it all is nothing if not admirable. The mixtape is free to download from the link below.

Theophilus London 'This Charming Mixtape' free download
Theophilus@ Myspace

5 to download

Florence & The Machine- Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up): Bat for who? Florence debuts the single to promote her debut album 'Lungs' due in June. Gone are the stripped down blues ballads she made a name for last year and in it's place is a euphoric, almost evangelical anthem reminiscent of the Candi Staton classic 'You Got The Love', no surprise as that song is a staple of the Florence live set. Ten pounds says this track is played over the BBC's Summer festival footage ad nauseum.

The Answering Machine- Obviously Cold: What do you do when a song you love suddenly reminds you of one you hate? Like the time someone told me 'Golden Age' by TV On The Radio sound like a Flight Of The Conchords pastiche I almost ruined 'Obviously Cold' by hearing compassion's to nobodies favourite wacky japesters The Wombats. Having catchy choruses and big pop hooks should never go against a band though and this is a typically wonderful slice of fizzy teen romance from Manchester's premier indie pop band.

Silhouette- Masquerade: Remember The Ivories? No, not many people do. In fairness they were pretty awful however if Little Boots has taught us anything it's that escaping from dodgy all girl Leeds bands can reap great benefits. That is exactly what Helena Gee is attempting with her new alias Silhouette. To use lay mans terms this sounds a bit like a more feminine Last Shadow Puppets- galloping drums combine with hazy guitars and a mysterious but confident vocal. The drums come courtesy of Anna Prior who you may have seen bashing the skins for Lightspeed Champion.

The Hundred In The Hands- Dressed In Dresden: One day this column will not feature a single act from Brooklyn. However that day is not today. The Hundred In The Hands (or THITH for short) make cavernous and unashamedly cool post-punk inspired disco. The band comprise members of now defunct The Boggs and lead singer Eleanore featured on last years TV On The Radio album 'Dear Science'. 'Dressed In Dresden' is a song that should well see dance floors take a beating as all the cool kids shake a leg to the staccato guitars, nonchalant vocals and pounding beats.

Cymbals Eat Guitars- And The Hazy Sea: Having already received comparisons to Built To Spill and Modest Mouse by the likes of Pitchfork and Pavement by err.. me you can tell CEG's credentials from the get go. Epic and widescreen they make loud and all encompassing rock noise juxtaposed against tender and delicate quiet interludes. This track is the perfect example of their craft with it's immediate hooks and repeat listen treats.

Albums out this week- Recently I contemplated who the most pointless popstar in the world is- I eventually arrived at the Lady Sovereign however Esser pushed her a close second. The ex-Ladyfuzz drummer releases his debut 'Braveface' this week to the muted roar of indifference. If you like Laura Marling or any of the London nu-folk scene then be sure to check the new LP from Alessi's Ark. The twee but heartfelt record is out this week.

Gigs- A slow week for gigs in punctuated by Asher Roth's premiere UK show at London's Tabernacle on Thursday. Elsewhere Peggy Sue play in Manchester on Tuesday whilst heir to the Long Blondes throne Navvy are in Preston. La Roux continues her tour in Manchester, Leeds and Preston. Hatcham Social play Liverpool on Thursday and School Of Seven Bells are on the road with White Lies playing in Manchester, two dates in London and rounding off the week at the ATP Vs the fans festival in Minehead on Sunday.

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