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Liverpool Sound City- Friday

. Tuesday, May 26


Worst thing about festivals, be it in a field or a city, is band clashes. Forget your tent collapsing or giant queues the realisation that you can't see your two favourite acts of the moment as they are on stage at the same time as each other is a killer blow. Sadly that happens tonight as Leeds thrash heroes Pulled Apart By Horses are on at Korova at the same times as Patrick Wolf plays the University. Decisions, decisions.

Opting for The Bachelor extraordinaire Patrick Wolf means sadly missing PABH on the Gigwise stage- reports all round confirm we missed an amazing show. Mr Wolf however was spectacular (LINK) and ended at a convenient time to grab a taxi and make the beginning of Gigwise's headline act Ipso Facto. Playing to a healthy crowd (including Steven and Laura-Mary of Blood Red Shoes) they race through their set with buoyed with the confidence of a band fresh from supporting Last Shadow Puppets and Magazine in large halls, filtering that size performance into a small room such as this is an impressive sight. Critics dismiss them as style over substance but what they are missing about Ipso Facto is that the two are inextricably linked. Their black and white look works as the backdrop for their gothic pop hits such as 'Balderdash' and 'Harmonise' perfectly. Occasionally their monochrome turns monotone but 'Six and Three Quarters' proves that this band haven't quite said all they have to offer yet.

One girl who could do to keep her mouth closed is Chew Lips singer Tigs. The electro three piece play a late set at the Barfly and largely impress with their bleep-pop leanings and forceful beats. However their frontwoman's attitude throughout is ripe with disdain and arrogance. "You can sing along if you want to, it's what most people do" she says before 'Toro'. It's a shame really as the bands songs themselves are fantastic: new wave pop mixed with emotive electronics making for excellent bed partners and, like Metronomy yesterday, Chew Lips have the art of writing a memorable hook down to a fine art. None more so on the set closer 'Solo'- a contender for single of the year already, it sounds superb, however as soon as Tigs finishes her vocal she drops the mic and walks off stage leaving her band to finish the show somewhat ironically, solo. In some acts this type of behaviour is exciting and rebellious, this evening however it just came across as ungrateful.

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