Friday, May 8

Franz Ferdinand- 'Blood'

. Friday, May 8

Franz Ferdinand established themselves with a manifesto aiming to ‘make girls dance’ so it makes sense that after three studio albums they have ventured into the murkier corners of club culture with ‘Blood’, a dub reworking of their most recent album ‘Tonight: Franz Ferdinand’. ‘Blood’ is a dark and at times confusing album full of intrigue and also inanity. ‘Tonight:’ only came out in January so to confuse fans with slightly different versions of tracks such as ‘Ulysses’ and ‘Twighlight Omens’ seems an odd choice. Having said that producer Dan Carey provides a fine mix accentuated by the likes of Philipp Plessmann and Raf Daddy with ‘Can’t Stop Feeling’ morphing into the 6 minute speaker shaking throb of ‘Die On The Floor’. Limited to 500 copies however this will become a fan boy essential and provide ample fodder for late night mix tapes and DJ sets.


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