Thursday, May 28

The Big Pink- 'Stop The World'

. Thursday, May 28

This is Fake DIY

Riding the wave of hype and critical praise their previous single 'Velvet' brought, The Big Pink return with this, their third release. Taking the pop aesthetic that is emerging brighter and shinier with each 7" this duo put out 'Stop The World' looks set to establish The Big Pink as one of, if not the best new bands of 2009.

Starting off with an almost Timbaland-esque drum beat enveloped by claustrophobic buzzes and whirrs the haunting atmosphere is immediately laid out. The taught bassline lurks below Robbie Furze's slacker vocals but this is the calm before the storm. As the chorus swells and erupts you can't help but be taken aback by the sheer enormity of it. It feels simultaneously apocalyptic and romantic as the deafening cacophony of feedback pummels away at your eardrums.

As the second verse kicks off with the word "loveless" you can't help being reminded of Kevin Shields et al and My Bloody Valentine certainly preside over The Big Pink. However rather than sounding like 80's revivalists TBP sound like the future, an industrial and urban harshness stood beside a hallucinogenic desire for escape.

Is this better than 'Velvet'? Probably not, but when the only thing stopping your songs being considered great is the quality of your other material then you know you're onto a good thing. Catch The Big Pink now while you still can.



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