Wednesday, April 29

Oh Alison...

. Wednesday, April 29

We all know Alison Mosshart as the lead singer of The Kills. Strutting amidst the smoke and bluesy feedback of her band she strikes an achingly cool figure. As if that wasn't enough she also formed The Dead Weather with Jack White and has been hard at work producing the bands debut album 'Horehound' due for release in July. This is her-

So the tale of The Kills goes that Alison was 16 and Jamie Hince met her and decided to form a band there and then, flying her to London from California. What is carefully left out of the tale is Alison's old band Discount, who look a bit like this.

Oh dear. Listen to Discount on here.

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Sean said...

Wow! Allison was a 90s alternachick! Haha. I'd have never guessed, honestly.

Anonymous said...

good for her.

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