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. Monday, April 27


Graffiti Island

When another blogger recently wrote about Graffiti Island the posts subsequent comments were essentially list of abuse. Now anonymous keyboard warriors are nothing new but it shows how divisive Graffiti Island are- "This is shit" reads one closely followed by the baffling "They sound like Hare Krishnas". What these people were failing to hear however was the most exciting band around right now. Graffiti Island make music that couldn't sound more nonchalant if it tried and you get the impression they would never do anything so pathetic as trying. Like Johnny Cash fronting Beat Happening this London based three piece craft demonic and hypnotic scuzzy gems that positively drip with style. They are currently streaming two tracks online, 'Demonic Cat' is a typically bass heavy affair with the morose vocal telling of "666 lives" whereas 'Bad Potion' is a riotous garage rock workout that flies by in a whirlwind of energy. Go listen to them, come back and abuse them if you want- I trust that you'll fall for them too.

Graffiti Island@ Myspace

Magic Magic

Magic Magic are the sort of band only America can make. There must be something in the British gene pool that has eradicated romantic and tender alt.pop in favour of writing songs about kebab shops and small town resentment (It's probably all the sunshine). Like The Shins or the underrated Little Ones this Boston band make naive and semi-twee music wrapped up in falsetto vocals and the sound of a heart broken boy tapping the triangle. They are so much the polar opposite of Graffiti Island I am thinking of writing a flat-share sitcom about the two bands. Lazy journalists have compared them to Arcade Fire which is about 54 kinds of wrong however they have lauded praise on the bands album which sneaked out at the tail end of 2008 to not even a solitary trumpet parp never mind a fanfare. Magic Magic's debut album is available now and a single ('Sleepy Lion') will be available via Chessclub Records soon.

Magic Magic@ Myspace

5 to download

Discovery- Osaka Loop Line. A second week running that Discovery feature in this list. The Vampire Weekend/ Ra Ra Riot spin offs second track is an absolute monster. Showing their love for 90's R'n'B and Japan it sounds like Postal Service produced by Timbaland (in his prime) lost in Tokyo at 4am. Essential.

Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson- Buriedfed. Like Brangelina before him this long named troubadour has kindly shortened his name to the more digestible M-BAR. Naming issues aside this uber-talented young song writer is possibly the best connected man in the game right now. Working with TV On The Radio main man Kyp Malone and Grizzly Bear's Chris Taylor he has produced a rustic country anthem sounding both modern and antique at the same time.

Gringo Star- All Y'all. 2009 has already given us Titus Andronicus, The Soft Pack and a new Black Lips record but if that isn't enough gravelly and dark garage rock then Gringo Star are here to join the party. They've certainly got a sunnier outlook than the aforementioned and add Beach Boys harmonies and slick guitar solo's to the mix. This track is symptomatic of what you can hear when they tour the UK with Black Lips in May.

New Look- Function Of Your Love. People besides boy/girl duos can make dance music in 2009, I don't think it's been made illegal or anything. You can see why they're not bothering though when chic acts like New Look are around. This track slinks around with big basslines and zeitgeist synths chiming in the background- it's trashy and disposable but then that's kinda the point.

Perfume Genius- Learning. Brittle to the point of breaking this young Seattle singer is crafting such delicate and deft music you positively have to cup your ears to hear the intricacies. With light vocals and soft piano PG sounds like a man out of time.

Albums out this week- Golden Silvers release their critically acclaimed and long awaited album 'True Romance'. It's a wonky and off-kilter affair that will take the casual indie pop fan by surprise- a good thing if ever there was one. Laura Groves a.k.a Blue Roses also releases her debut record this week.

Hot Gigs- This weeks number one artist (isn't that crazy? but in a good way) La Roux begins her tour in Nottingham on Wednesday then moving on to Bristol, Cardiff, Oxford and Wrexham. Support comes from Magistrates. Hockey: Are they great or are they awful? make your mind up as they support Friendly Fires in Manchester, Wolverhampton, Norwich, London Southampton and Brighton. Micachu plays two London dates on Tuesday and Wednesday. thecocknbullkid plays three London shows as well as Hinterland festival in Glasgow on the 30th alongside Metronomy, Wet Paint, Two Door Cinema Club and Three Trapped Tigers. Leeds has its own multi-venue festival too on Saturday featuring Mumford and Sons and Bombay Bicycle Club alongside local heroes Sky Larkin, Grammatics, Dinosaur Pile-Up and Wild Beasts.

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