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. Tuesday, April 14

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New Music on a Tuesday this week due to the four day weekend. So, wasting no more time let us introduce you to the new face of dance music as well as the side project of another hot new band- we're going through the looking glass. As usual we have five tracks to keep an ear out for, the best the toilet circuit has to offer this week and a brand new video, this week from the ferocious two piece The Big Pink.


Being a band from Manchester must be awful. If you want to make gloomy art-rock then you're the new Joy Division, if it's romantic introspection then expect the Morrissey comparisons to come a knocking and if you want to make swaggering lad anthems then Noel Gallagher himself will sign you up and your career will vanish quicker than you can say Proud Mary. So it's with some hesitation I approach writing about Delphic as the words 'New' and 'Order' loom ominous and large. However despite that very obvious comparison Delphic are doing things very differently to a lot of new bands. They release their debut single 'Counterpoint' this week on the Belgian label R&S and have also created their own subsidairy label Chimeric through Polydor which future releases will go through. 'Counterpoint' is a shimmering and pulsating six minute dance track that feels celebratory in its reluctance to conform. A three minute edit would sidle up nicely with Friendly Fires house-pop but Delphic don't do things the easy way. Having formed from the remains of another hyped band Snowfight In The City Centre they are taking tentative steps into the music world, putting their craft first and losing themselves in it. Delphic do however have support slots lined up with Bloc Party and Little Boots next month as well dates in Paris and London in June at the Kitsune showcase.

Delphic@ myspace

The Depreciation Guild

Imagine an album comprising of the most talked about genre of 2009 (shoegaze) mixed with the most hyped of 2008 (8-Bit) made by one half of one of the hottest new bands of this year and featuring the production talents of the people behind names such as Mercury Rev, Flaming Lips and Nine Inch Nails. Sound good? Now imagine the whole album is available for free. Radiohead style. Basically, The Depreciation Guild (featuring The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart drummer Kurt Feldman) have made a lo-fi, blissed out and beautiful record called 'In Her Gentle Jaws' and given it away. The album is reminicsent of The Pains... with its mix of C86, walls of feedback and wistful vocals but what sets it apart are the chippy Nintendo provided parts underpinning the whole sound. Unlike Crystal Castles nightmare arcade style The Depreciation Guild use the 8-Bit famicom subtely and it's only when you truly listen that you hear these soaring and majestic songs sounding so intricate and weirdly reminiscent of a youth spent waiting for your brother to finish his turn on the SNES.

Download the album here
The Depreciation Guild@ Myspace

5 to Download

Bombay Bicycle Club- Always Like This

Bombay Bicycle Club continue to surprise with this off-kilter alt.pop ballad, their first major label release. Sombre without despairing, perky without every being upbeat: it's a series of juxtapositions with a healthy dose of the odd to keep you coming back for more. Understated and lovely.

Tiny Master Of Today- Skeletons.

Despite having been around for ages they are still kids. However, as their ages seemingly freeze the teenage duo from New York are becoming pretty good song writers. Skeletons is a typical garage rock romp with swhirling guitar effects and sweet vocals.

Graffiti Island- Wolf Guy

Deep and dark vocals ride high on the bouncing bass backdrop on this free download from the London three piece. The latest in the no-fi scene that has spawned PENS and Dum Dum Girls, Graffiti Island are bringing the doom.

Harlem Shakes- Nothing But Change (Part II)

And now for our weekly trip to Brooklyn. It would be boring having to mention bands with the same area code so regularly but when they keep being as deleriously euphoric as Harlem Shakes then we won't complain. Produced by Passion Pit and Les Savy Fav's producer this is pop at its most wonky- Popjustice would most certainly hate it.

We Were Promised Jetpacks- Quiet Little Voices

Epic guitar driven rock from this Scottish four piece. Heavily accented emotion drives a wedge between post-punk drums and stadium sized guitars. How they are not bigger we do not know. For fans of Biffy Clyro and Frightened Rabbit.

Debut albums out this week

The only record out of note comes from Twisted Wheel. Please, whatever you do, don't buy it.

Hot Gigs:

South Africans BLK JKS play in Colchester, London, Newcastle and Glasgow with Errors and HEALTH. We Have Band are in London on Thursday before moving on to Brighton, Bristol and Reading. The Virgins bring the fresh sounds of 2004 to Brighton, Bristol, Manchester, Edinburgh and Glasgow- be sure to catch support from Chew Lips. Baddies bring the noise to Aldershot and Southampton. Hatcham Social will be in Manchester on Thursday and Oxford on Saturday. Recent NMM tips Lost Knives play their second ever gig in support of the fine Answering Machine at Manchester's Ruby Lounge on Saturday. Tour of the week however goes to the superb triple header of Grammatics and Pulled Apart By Horses supporting Rolo Tomassi. They bulldoze Leicester, Sheffield, Wrexham, Nottingham, Manchester and Leeds from Tuesday.

Video of the week

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