Friday, March 20

Not a lot happens on a Friday (but I feel compelled to post regardless)

. Friday, March 20

Pretty slow week this all told. Hopefully some better service will commence in the next few weeks with stuff about The Horrors, The Maccabees, Kap Bambino, New Music Monday, Hatcham Social and Mika Miko lined up. Below are the ten tracks stuck on repeat in Boring HQ, the frankly disturbing new Patrick Wolf video (yeah we get it, you're gay) and new music from Vampire Weekend on Jimmy Fallon's US TV Show. Somebody said I look like Jimmy Fallon once- I wasn't impressed.

  1. The Horrors- Sea Within A Sea.
  2. Filthy Dukes- Nonsense In The Dark (Ft. Orlando Weeks)
  3. Hatcham Social- Murder In The Dark.
  4. Navvy- Disco.
  5. The Maccabees- Kisses & Liasons.
  6. Patrick Wolf- Vulture.
  7. Metric- Gold Guns Girls.
  8. Asher Roth- I Love College.
  9. Sunset Cinema Club- Undercover Martyn.
  10. DD/MM/YYYY- Bronzage.

This 'new' Vampire Weekend track isn't exactly 'new' as they have been playing it live for quite a while (I'm fairly sure I heard it at a gig last October) but it is definitely the first time they have performed it wearing a red fleece with the sleeves rolled up.

Finally here is what happened when Katy Perry tried to convince Florence she is cool (Hint: she failed)

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