Thursday, March 5

Introducing... The Big Pink

. Thursday, March 5

All of The Big Pink's good photo's won't upload on here and the rest are blurry and/ or rubbish so I'm going to have to embarrass Robbie Furze,one half of the band, by adding a picture of him with Lily Allen who he briefly dated last year. Sorry (E-mail me some good pics OK?)

Silliness aside The Big Pink are Robbie and Milo, they were most famous for being behind Merok Records (the label that brought us Crystal Castles, Klaxons and more recently Titus Andronicus) now they are making a name for themselves in their own right. TBP makes droning, swirling pop music that is layered so thick it seems impenetrable but with every listen reveals more of itself until you are left with diamonds surrounded by coal dust.

Last year they released 'Too Young To Love' which sound a bit like when John Peel used to play records on the wrong speed. You half expect to hear a few clicks and for everything to transform into something more straight forward- to it's benefit however it stays at the same half pace throughout. The band's next single 'Velvet' is an altogether more anthemic creature with Bloody Valentine esque shoe gaze elements and y'know, an actual chorus. It will be released via 4AD (Deerhunter, Scott Walker) with who the band recently signed, you can see the video below.

They recently won the Philip Hall Radar award at this years NME Awards. In recent years the award has been won by Franz Ferdinand, Glasvegas and The Twang. One suspects The Big Pink might just follow the former and pray to God they don't take after the latter.

The Big Pink @ Myspace

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