Saturday, February 21

Two free Johnny Foreigner tracks

. Saturday, February 21

Johnny Foreigner (or JoFo, if you're a dick) are in their own words "About to leave their beds for the longest time ever". Said duvet departure is to A) Tour Europe with Sky Larkin B) Record their second album in New York and C) Tour the UK with Hundred Reasons (Yes, they actually do still exist)

Part B) is most exciting as JoFo (I'm a dick) are recording with Alex Newport, a man who has worked with At The Drive in and Death Cab For Cutie amongst many others. If the results are half as good as 'Stayed Up 'Till It Was Light' then we will be very lucky.

As a result of the writing process for album 2 the band have an excess of songs of which they are handing out two for free. Lap them up like soup for the homeless.

Johnny Foreigner zip file

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