Monday, February 2

The Rakes- Klang!

. Monday, February 2

Make or break time for East London’s literate boozers. Following the muted response to album number two The Rakes return to their best with ‘Klang’, as twitchy and exciting as 2005’s ‘Capture/ Release’.‘You’re In It’ is a barking statement of intent and sets the tone for the tracks that follow it. Combining indie dance floor pleasers with tales of inner city ennui is a lethal combination displayed none the better than on call and response of ‘That’s The Reason’ and the dismissal of a girlfriends flatmates ‘The Light From Your Mac’. In a time where the fate of second tier indie bands is perilous at best The Rakes need ‘Klang!’ to be a hit, luckily an album of this quality and fun should be a welcome addition to anybody’s collection.





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