Monday, February 16

Morrissey on The One Show?

. Monday, February 16

Stepehen Patrick Morrissey today appeared on BBC 1's 'The One Show in one of the most WTF? moments since Regina Spektor appeared on Loose Women. Is the man that desperate for 'Years Of Refusal' to succeed? I await his appearance on The Alan Titchmarsh show and Noel's HQ with baited breath.

Watch Morrissey have a chat with Adrian Chiles and that old Irish lady here.

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Anonymous said...

That old Irish lady?!!! That old Irish Lady!!! That's Christine Bleakley you're talking about there! How dare you! I love her!!!

It was hilarious to see Morrissey on there though, I couldn't believe my eyes. He seemed to be a LITTLE more open as well, maybe caught off guard? I can't imagine he's a One Show viewer.

Anonymous said...

Christine Bleakley is a goddess!

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