Thursday, February 5

Lily Allen- 'It's Not You It's Me'

. Thursday, February 5

Things you will never hear anybody say- "I like Lily Allen but I wish she was in the papers more".

Two years ago Lily Allen released an excellent pop album. 'Alright Still' was a great blend of retro influences and a modern outlook which, combined with her interview prowess, elevated 'Keiths daughter' to number one singles, countles magazine covers, festival success and Keith Allen becoming 'Lily's Dad'.

However through a series of distractions (Chat show, bitchy rivalries, old fat boyfriends) the public have slowly forgotten the music and so now it is Lily Allen's chance to remind us all what she actually does. The good news is that 'It's Not You...' is a decided step on from 'Alright Still' both musically and lyrically. Out go the Ronson horns and in come the Kurstin electro-pop, this provides a clean and clear backdrop that is as dance floor friendly as it is Radio 1.

Never one to shy away from the controversial, Allen deals with topics such as drugs, George Bush (!), incompetent lovers, the cult of celebrity and her Dad on album number two. The quick wit is still there but this time out is is teamed with a more mature outlook and an attempt to readress some of society's deep rooted issues.

It's not as heavy as that may seem though. There are plenty of rivals to follow 'The Fear's huge success. 'Everyone's At It' is the album opener and one of the most intelligent discussions on drug use that has been aired in some time. 'Back To The Start' boasts a brilliant fast-paced rhythm and energy whilst 'He Wasn't There' is a delightful 50's track laced with heart-break and yearning.

It's not all good though. 'Fuck You' is an ill-conceived and ill timed rant at George Bush that is 6th form poetry at it's very worst. The same can be said for 'Chinese' too, both tracks should have been left on the studio floor.

That aside however this is a confident and assured return for Allen and should hopefully se her gaining attention for her undoubted talent as opposed to the countless other things.

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