Thursday, February 12

Introducing... The Soft Pack

. Thursday, February 12

Garage rock is a whore, The Strokes were its pimp. 2001 saw the re-emergence of the Detroit influenced scene and a thousand and one bands popped up in ever corner of the globe. From The Vines to The Others by way of The Datsuns and Eastern Lane the list of bands who have fallen by the wayside since the turn of the decade is endless. There has been a lull of these bands in recent years however with the resurgence of 80's synth rock and Eno inspired experimentation.

However 2009 could be the year garage comes back. The Strokes probably won't release an album, let's face it but The Soft Pack will do and it promises to be a scuzzy low budget treat. They used to be called The Muslim's which got a load of Nathan Barley's excited because it sounded vaguely outrageous but they have since renamed themselves The Soft Pack. With more than a distinct wiff of the lawyers forcing their arm the name change hints at the bands aspirations i.e to sell some records.

With songs like 'On My Time' and 'Parasites' this won't be a problem. Their scruffy college rock tendencies sit themselves nicely alongside the likes of a more sedate Stooges or a Transatlantic version of Wire. The band have recently inked a reocrd deal in the UK and will release a single, 'Nightlife' on February 16th before heading out on the road with Franz Ferdinand.

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