Monday, February 9

Introducing... The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart

. Monday, February 9

Along with the likes of the great Vivian Girls and not so great Crystal Stilts it seems The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart are leading something of a C86 resurgance at the moment. These feedback- fuzz heavy bands with a keen ear for a melody are appearing daily from New York and dragging attention away from the hipster psychadelia and preppy indie that the city did so well in 2008.

TPOBP@H (who claim a name Gareth Campesinos will be kicking himself for not thinking of first) are one of the finest exponents of this shoegazey, jangle pop around. Their self titled debut album has been gaining rave reviews and their innocent naievety sounds so refreshing in a time awash with processed beats, electro revivals and cold dead synths.

The Brooklyn foursome orbit around the lead duo of Kip Berman and Peggy Wang, their vocals combining amidst a wall of de-tuned guitars to create a sound just the right side of twee. I say combining but the two rarerly harmonise together, instead playing as if they are in seperate bands, unaware of one another. This aloofness makes songs like 'Young Adult Friction' and 'Stay Alive' that bit more enticing.

The Pains... have already toured with The wedding Present and drawn comparisons to The Marychain and The Pastels putting them in a great position as a new band for old people and an entrance to a whole cavalcade of great music young people are just waiting to discover.

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