Tuesday, February 17

Donk- a Vice documentary

. Tuesday, February 17

I, like most people, first heard of donk when the video for 'Put A Donk On It' came out last year. It is a slightly silly genre of music but the tendancy for a lot of people to gawp open mouthed at it is patronising and even worse is the ironic enjoyment of it emplyed by people who think everytyhing is 'random' and love 'banter'. Donk is shit and I don't listen to it but it exists and pleases a lot of people. If you were to hold indie music up, with it's skinny jeans and wannabe rock stars, we could all have a good laugh too. VBS.tv spent a week in and around the areas where donk is particulalrly popular (North West and my hometown Scarborough) and the results are an interesting look at a scene the media ignores amidst a backdrop of small town decline. Despite skating over the blatant drug use the accompanies donk music the doc shows a group of individuals creating music, having fun and making a life for themselves which is surely a good thing right? Also you get to see some 'roided up chavs with no tops on chewing their faces off and fighting each other, which is a laugh. You can see it below-

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Anonymous said...

The 'skating over' you refer to is endemic to the ill advised corporate sponsorship of the film.. Hence the bleeping and blurring.
There is a plan to release the film uncut potentially one day. Keep an eye out for it, you won't be disappointed!

Luke G said...

Wow, scary.

Rampant drug use, steroid use, alcohol, fights, stodgy food, audiovisual assaulting of the body, unemployment, lack of education, all of which seems to be starting from an early age = ticking social time bomb.

How long before zombieism pops up in the NE?

iseerobots said...

Can I just say I'm from Burnley and neither is it buzzin' nor is it the ghost town they make it out to be. Lazy sensationalist journalism. Its an average northern town on its arse.

MikeyTage said...

Despite 'Donk' and the entire scene being one of the most terrifying things I have ever seem even associated with music, I must say that without it there would be a lot more of those young people sat in a prison cell.

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