Monday, January 26

Titus Andronicus- The Airing Of Grievances

. Monday, January 26

A band that quotes Camus, Shakespeare and Seinfeld can only ever be intriguing but to mix that with beer spilling punk? Well now you have the makings of something amazing.

Titus Andronicus hail from New Jersey but are clearly Anglophiles with their debts owed to The Clash and The Pogues reaching bailiff territory. This teamed with the bands clear intelligence gives the music a sense of nihilistic rebellion, a sort of "We've worked everything out, now let's party and forget it all". Lead singer Patrick Stickles is the star of the show from the off, a howling preacher with razor blades for vocal chords and philosophical texts for bed time reading. His dischordant screams have been compared to Conor Oberst but where Bright Eyes sulk and whine Titus Andronicus are barking and snarling. Every song on 'The Airing...' starts off in a swaying and downbeat fashion before seemingly deciding that won't do anymore and letting loose with a series of riffs in a frenzied race to the finish line.

The bands self titled single is the most accesible and most complete track on the album with its chanted refrain of "Your life is over" and crowd baiting clap-alongs- it's a tour de force and sure to be Titus Andronicus calling card. The future anthems don't diminish however, although tougher to penetrate the likes of 'My Time Outside The Womb' and 'Arms Against Atrophy' are equally excellent.

Never before has one mans argument with himself sounded so profound.


'Titus Andronicus'



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