Thursday, January 15

Spotify Playlist

. Thursday, January 15

I know from the amount of people emailing me for invites that Spotify is taking off in a big way, and rightly so. It's like having access to Gods Itunes- search pretty much anything and you will find it. I have created a Boring By The Sea Playlist for people to listen to- I think it represents everything this blog stands for. It is heavy, it is quiet, it's equal parts dancy and twee there's even a some rap thrown in for good measure. From The Kills to Talking Heads via At The Drive In the playlist will personify all aspects of Boring By The Sea and I will continously add to it. So click the link, set to shuffle and enjoy!

P.S. I still have plenty of invites to go around, just get in touch.





Rich James said...

oh hai, like the blog, reckon i could have a spotify invite pls?

Anonymous said...

Hello Mate - Would love a spotify invite If you have one spare? Access to God's Juukebox indeed.

send to


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