Wednesday, January 7

Telepathe- 'Dance Mother'

. Wednesday, January 7

Attention name droppers, there is only one act who should be on your lips in 2009 and that's Telepathe. However these two black clad Brooklynites are far more than a hipsters wet dream as the outstanding 'Dance Mother' proves.

By melding the bands previous drone heavy output with New York demi-God Dave Sitek's pop centric production a glorious medium has been achieved and one of the first great albums of the year has been created. 'Dance Mother' warps, evolves and impresses with every passing second. From the big beats on album opener 'So Fine' through to the reverb heavy loops of 'Chrome's On It' the pace is set early on. Something tells me that Telepathe will get compared to Crystal Castles by the media however they transcend Alice and Ethan's 8-bit punk and put more emphasis on hypnotising the listener than blugenoning them. Large chunks of the album are a mix of ambient landscapes and bold hip-hop tinged beats. 'Devil's Trident' stand out as a key track as well as the bouncy 'Lights Go Down' and mesmeric closer 'Drugged'.

Effortlessley cool and nonchalent it's easy to assume the core members of Telepathe both know and don't care how good their forthcoming work is. 'Dance Mother' lends itself well to remixers and should keep Hype Machine busy all year with various bedroom re-worked off cuts, there is already a fantastic remix of 'Devil's Trident' by James Rutledge. The album is due for release on January 26th on V2.




Anonymous said...

I like Telepathe tonnes, very nice stuff but nothing hypnotizes me more than the acoustic Crystal Castles stuff:

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