Tuesday, January 6

10 of the best lyrics on the new Morrissey album

. Tuesday, January 6

The new Morrissey album is a success. Spikier and more pop orientated than the Visconti's Tormentors and with some great one liners. 10 future classics are below.

  1. Diazepam...thats valium...temazepam...lithium, HRT...ECT...How long must I stay on this stuff? (Something Is Squeezing My Skull)
  2. Bailiffs with bad breath, I will slit their throats for you. (Mama Lay Softly On The Riverbed)
  3. The one I loveroosts in the mind, Can snap this spellor increase hell. (Black Cloud)
  4. Only stone and steel accept my love. (I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris)
  5. I was a small, fat child in a welfare house. There was only one thing I ever dreamed about, And Fate has just, Handed it to me - whoopee. (All You Need Is Me)
  6. I was driving my car, I crashed and broke my spine, So yes, there are things worse in life than never being some-one's sweetie. (That's How People Grow Up)
  7. It's not your birthday anymore. There's no need to be kind to you. (It's Not Your Birthday Anymore)
  8. Sorry will not bring my teen years back to me(Sorry Doesn't Help)
  9. You made me feel less alone, You made me feel not quite so deformed, uninformed, and hunchbacked. (You Were Good In Your Time)
  10. Could this be an arm around my waist? Well, surely the hand contains a knife? (I'm OK By Myself)
'I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris'



Julie M. T. said...

Only stone and steel accept my love.

That might damn well be one of the best Morrissey lyrics ever. Nice choices. I'm still developing a feel for the album, it's been on repeat around the house, but I'm usually so busy I'm not focusing. Time for a walk with my ipod, methinks.


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