Thursday, December 18

X Factor Blog- The keyboard warrirors strike back

. Thursday, December 18

Earlier this week I wrote a slightly tounge in cheek blog basically taking the Hallelujah police to task (Link). I have no huge feelings towards Jeff Buckley or Hallelujah (Corpus Christi Carol is far more emotive imo) nor do I like a single thing X Factor represents (Besides something else to watch when Bruce Forsyth is jabbering on in a tux). In an ideal world Simon Cowell wouldn't have the monopoly on the Christmas charts but on the other hand anyone who still pays attention to the top 40 has their priorities all wrong.

The X Factor is a mainstream behemoth, you cannot defeat it and nor should you try. Alexandra's single sold 150,000 copies on its first day. To put that in context 20,000 is normally the amount you need to sell to reach the top spot. The mid-week charts suggest Jeff Buckley's version will be number 3 which, I suppose, is a minor victory for the crusaders but I don't know what it has actually achieved. By entering into a competition and an argument with the notion of manufactured pop these people have merely gifted more oxygen to Simon Cowells cultural death ball. Anyway here is a selection of the best abuse I got for STATING MY OPINION and the new La Roux video because I have wasted enough time talking about music I dont like.

-Blah, Blah. No-ones elitist. Just sick of Simon Cowell and his blatant disregard of songs that mean something to people, who don't want some nobody version being overplayed on the radio. It's called PASSION.

-What a pile of sh*t. Are you five years old? No, Buckleys version wasn't the original. It's fine to cover something you like. What Alexandra's version was is just mass consumerism. There's only really one KoK artist here and that's the whole of X-factor.

-i havnt laughed so much reading such a crappy blog.

This guy is a moron, and probably on Cowells pay roll. It could be any song, i just think people have realised, that as a group we can do anything. Including an end to shite music.

-Read all the wall posts? No? didn't think so. This here blog is pompous and the very essence of poor writing. Oh, don't get me wrong, I'm sure you can make people who know no better snigger along with your self-righteous slap-on-back sentiments.

-The title of this blog proves how little value the author places on music and therefore how unqualified he is to comment. You're welcome to soulless cynicism mate.

And my favourite-





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