Thursday, December 11

Single Of The Year- Wild Beasts: Devil's Crayon

. Thursday, December 11

Music doesn't sound like this anymore. So much music, even in this list, is made for markets, men in suits, demographics and demanding labels. Wild Beasts don't play that game though. Their music is selfish and indulgent in the best possible way. With no eye on the Radio 1 playlist and not giving a thought to NME covers they are free to craft a song as unique as any you will hear in the next ten years. 'The Devil's Crayon sees Hayden Thorpe's falsetto vocals crash like waves into Tom Fleming's growl set over the top of a super tight backing that explodes into apoplectic fits of rage at any given moment. Wild Beasts, a band that sound as classic as they do distinctive, have made the best song of 2008.



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