Sunday, December 7

Single Of The Year #6- MGMT: Kids

. Sunday, December 7

MGMT are a band of contrasts, no doubt about it. Stemming from the Brooklyn scene alongside the likes of Yeasayer and Chairlift they are the acid fried, perma-baked art school musos. Their shambolic live shows reflect this and left me wanting to rip off my ears twice this year. However, and it's a big one, they know how to write an amazing pop song. I could quite happily put Kids, Electric Feel and the huge hit Time To Pretend in the top ten tracks of the year. Kids is my personal favourite though, it's a big day-glo party anthem that has a bit more fun about it than the nihilistic Time To Pretend. The album 'Oracular Spectacular' failed to fully grab me but 'Kids' is still a great contribution to the year.



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