Monday, December 1

Introducing... LA ROUX

. Monday, December 1

2009 is the year the dancefloor belongs to the girls. Hard beats and big drops are out, Justice can go back to France because next year is going to be soundtracked by fairer sex and I can’t wait. Little Boots is a dead cert and so is today’s subject LA Roux, a flame haired cross between The Knife and Prince.

It feels cold and clinical to predict hits, mapping out a year before it even starts but if this time next year every single person reading this hasn’t tapped a foot, shook an arse or pulled someone closer to the sound of LA Roux well then you just won’t have lived. ‘Quicksand’ is a fine taste of what is to come from her, an incessant and fantastic electro pop song that could be written by anyone from Xenomania to Hot Chip. It comes out on the effortlessly brilliant Kitsune Label on December 15th. Future releases will come courtesy of Polydor (Klaxons, Maccabees and another next big thing Lady GaGa).

The Blogosphere has already hooked its talons into her, securing the hipsters. Remixers will no doubt be frothing at the mouth at the prospect of LA Roux as well leaving sites like Hype Machine brimming to the top with countless versions of these tracks. A Chateau Marmont mix of ‘Quicksand’ is already doing the rounds and sounding very sweet to these ears.
Patrick Wolf started it LA Roux is joining the party, red haired avant garde pop is the way forward.


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