Saturday, December 6

Album Of The Year #9- Ladyhawke, 'Ladyhawke'

. Saturday, December 6

When people write about Ladyhawke they like to use metaphors for how 80's she and her self titled album are. Things like "More 80's than a John Hughes movie on MTV listening to a Walkman wearing shoulderpads and red braces." or "As 80's as suffering from crippling unemployment and going on the Miners strike", well maybe not the last one. I'l avoid the metaphors here though because they are lame and make this album sound gimmicky which it certainly is not. Sure it's heart belongs to Stevie Nicks and Joan Jett but there is so much more going on here. From the huge pop elements on 'Paris is Burning' and 'Love Don't Live Here' to the naggingly addictive choruses of 'Mainpulating Woman' and 'Magic' there is not a second where the quality drops below outstanding. There is a romantic heart beating beneath the retro pop too, 'Morning Dreams' is as cute and understated as anything I have heard this year. If the world was sane then Ladyhawke would be as big as Rhianna and Katy Perry, the fact she is somewhat of a secret remains a blessing for those lucky enough to be in the know.

Dusk Til Dawn (Ft. Sia, Cage The Elephant, Le Tigre, Lightspeed Champion etc)



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