Thursday, December 11

Album Of The Year #5 Johnny Foreigner- Waited Up Til It Was Light

. Thursday, December 11

I hated Johnny Foreigner. Really thought they were annoying, whiney and Los Campesinos rip offs. Normally this wouldn't be a problem, they are hardly U2. However as I write for Drowned In Sound they pretty much are U2- inside the cliques of DiS 'JoFo' are massive. They won the sites innaugral Pluto award (anti-Mercury prize) and boast an approval rating Obama would kill for. I just didn't get it. Some time in the Summer though, probably on one of many cross country train journeys, 'Waited Up Till Light' clicked. Not in a "Oh I get that now" but more of a "What was I thinking? This is incredible" way. The Birmingham trio's music is so energetic, angry, intelligent, unique and as many more superlatives as I can think of. Their tales of small town angst and romantic despair are set to a thrashing punk shriek brim full of anger and youthful nihilism. Had I had more time with it I think this may well have hit the #1 spot. A fantastic album.

'Eyes Wide Terrified'



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