Saturday, December 6

Album of the year #10- Laura Marling: Alas, I Cannot Swim

. Saturday, December 6

Laura Marling may have started the year relatively unknown but it would take a musical hermit not to have heard something she has worked on in 2008. For a start she featured on both Mystery Jets brilliant 'Young Love' before soundtracking the Sumer with Noah and The Whale on '5 Years Time'. Both these songs though were surpassed by Marlings album 'Alas, I Cannot Swim'. The album had a lot to live up to but more than surpassed the hype. The naive and frail outer shells of songs such as 'My Manic & I' and 'Night Terror' juxtaposed perfectly with the more upbeat rockabilly side displayed on 'Ghosts' and 'Cross Your Fingers creating an emotionally resonate and utterly charming listen. For a songwriter so young Laura Marling boasts a finely tuned craft which puts performers with twice her experience to shame. 'Alas...' was nominated for the Mercury Prize and whilst it did not win nobody would be surprised if when the follow up is released it goes on to win the prestigious award.




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