Monday, December 29

10 Wishes for 2009

. Monday, December 29

  • Great new albums from Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Franz Ferdinand, Maccabees, Gallows, Arctic Monkeys, Metric, Patrick Wolf, Morrissey, Maximo Park, Klaxons, Bat For Lashes and if we're lucky Muse, The Strokes and Arcade Fire.
  • The Blur reunion is good- not just some bloated middle aged money grabbers playing to a field of idiots yapping on about how good the 90's were and saying "Haha, it's so funny because now I actually do live in a great big house in the country."
  • The British underground to keep producing amazing bands. With albums due from Dananaaykroyd and Sky Larkin as well as the emergence of Pulled Apart By Horses and Favours For Sailors things look bright.
  • Touting gig tickets at extortionate mark ups to be abolished. In times of financial difficulty audience numbers are bound to drop, the last thing we need is another obstacle in the way.
  • Some good festival headliners. Early reports suggest Bruce Springsteen, Neil Young and AC/DC will be the marquee names this Summer. What year is it again? 1984? I will go anywhere in the world if Daft Punk, David Bowie and Radiohead are the weekends main event.
  • A music based TV show that is not mind numbingly stupid, self conciously 'cool' and musically uninformed.
  • Brooklyn and L.A to gift us another set of weird and amazing bands.
  • Popular music to be rid of sub-Winehouse copy cats. Sadly as Duffy sold 1.5 million albums in 2008 this looks unlikely.
  • Pulp, The Smiths and Pavement to reform. Yeah right.....
  • Soulless career bands like Courteeners and Scouting For Girls to fuck of forever please.



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