Tuesday, November 18

Introducing... Middle Class Rut

. Tuesday, November 18

Listening to Middle Class Rut (or M.C. Rut for short) is an ear opening experience. The ears are open however for the blood to escape, this is music decibel counters were invented for, music that neighbouring towns complain about not next door neighbours. Comprising just two members, Zack Lopez- vocals/ guitar, Sean Stockham- Drums/ vocals, the unholy roar they unleash is influenced by noise forefathers such as Refused and Fugazi with added melodic nods to Janes Addiction and Rage Against The Machine.

Despite hailing from California the sunshine has clearly been locked out of which ever garage M.C. Rut practise and write in. ‘Busy Bein’ Born’ is a looming apocalyptic stomp that lurches and sprints into action in equal measure. The split vocals could shred a larynx from 50 paces and the riffs pummel fast and hard underneath. With nods to the Seattle grunge sound this band are taking you on a whistle-stop tour of 90’s American alternative music.

With a thought provoking name and drummer Stockham’s bright ‘For Sale’ red chest tattoo on full display Gigwise suspects M.C. Rut are far from shrinking violets. ‘Busy Bein Born’ is on a limited copies release in the Britain (November 17th). The band tour Britain in February 2009 doing dates with Inner Party System. Bring ear plugs.



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