Monday, September 29

Singles- Sept 29th

. Monday, September 29

OASIS- ‘The Shock Of The Lightning’

OK, so they’ve started ripping themselves off now? At least the royalties aren’t going into Yoko’s pockets. Sounding like a sped up ‘Hindu Times’ it’s yet another forgettable advert for yet another nostalgia dripping stadium tour. Noel Gallagher is funny so it’s difficult to be that hard on him but as long as this repetitive and cyclical material continues to be released any remaining respect for the band will be lost.


Plodding, boring, annoying. Lot’s of different yings from professional Northerners The Courteeners. Barely worth scorn or disdain ‘That Kiss’ is a stand alone single not on the bands St. Jude album- if it’s not good enough to get on there then really does the world need to hear it? Pointless lager rock from one of the most offensively boring bands around.

THE VINES- ‘He's A Rocker’

Yeah the actual Vines, they are still going. ‘He’s A Rocker’ is a pre curser to the bands fourth studio album ‘Melodia’ and is another slice of disposable bratty punk. Ostensibly no different to anything from the smash album ‘Highly Evolved’ ‘..Rocker’ is not particularly bad but it is as deep as a puddle and twice as annoying. Maybe we shouldn’t wonder why this is so bad but think about why The Vines got big in the first place.

EL GUINCHO- ‘Palmitos Park’

In a poor week for singles (The Streets and Elbow efforts are OK but pretty dull) Barcelona resident El Guincho provides a breath of fresh air. A real ray of sunshine on a late wet September day ‘Palmitos Park’ transports the listener to tropical climes where the weather is hot and the drinks are ice cold. It’s fun and maybe a bit tacky but who cares? At least it uses intelligence and fun and isn’t just a 90’s throwback.
'Palmitos Park'



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