Monday, September 22

Singles Roundup- Sept 22nd

. Monday, September 22

Yo Majesty – 'Club Action'
The lewd and rude hipster box tickers from Tampa finally release a single to support the hype surrounding them. They are not quite the saviours some quarters make them out to be but do pedal a nice line of aggressive party starting hip hop. The production on show here outshines the rhymes but a promising start nonetheless/

Frightened Rabbit - 'I Feel Better' / 'The Twist'
Biffy Clyro meet The National in epic emotional rock bloodbath. Heart wrenching and lip quivering vocals set to canyon filling back drops see Frightened Rabbit creating a sound so true and honest it can only bode great things. 'I Feel Better' is the superior of the two tracks here with its stomping beat and rousing chorus stirring passion in the meekest of bellies. Stick this in your stadum pipe Followills.

Cold War Kids - 'Something Is Not Right With Me'
More bearded magic here, this time set to a disco beat. A pre-curser to the 'Loyalty To Loyalty' album due later this month 'Something...' is a frantic sprint of a song that, whilst entertaining, feels rushed. The pulsating bass line sounds eerily like Scissor Sisters and the fast pace does not suit Nathan Willett's soulful vocals at all. It sounds like classic CWK played on the wrong speed. Hopefully the album is an improvement.

Ben Folds W/ Regina Spektor- 'You Don't Know Me'
Yuck. Folds tries to claw back credibility by roping in the delectable Spektor and merely drags her into the mire with him. Sapping Regina of her idiosyncratic quirks reduces her to a hired studio hand merely backing Folds plodding vocal delivery. This radio friendly, sitcom sound track is a wasted opportunity and one to forget.

White Lies- 'Death'
Joy Dision begat Interpol, Interpol opened doors for Editors and now Edtiors lay wake for White Lies. Formerly know as Fear Of Flying the new black clad incarnation sees the band channelling the dark poetry of life to devastating effect. It's not unique but its impressive and any band with the gall to name a single 'Death' will no doubt be packing surprises in the future. If the original version of 'Death' doesn't tickle your fancy the Crystal Castles remix is a behemoth nobody can ignore.

The Airborne Toxic Event- 'Does This Mean You're Moving On?'
The Airborne Toxic Event seem to sit somewhere between good time New York bar band and an American version of Little Man Tate. It all sounds very 2002 and pretty out of place in a landscape populated by fresh sounds and invention. Nothing to not here at all.




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