Thursday, September 18

Noah & The Whale- 'Peaceful The World Lays Me Down'

. Thursday, September 18

Noah And The Whale
Peaceful, The World Lays Me Down
Young And Lost Club/ Vertigo
August 11th

The crushing inevitability of Katy Perrys long (and believe us it will be long) rein as chart topper has been somewhat of a drag on the Summers proceedings. For an admittedly catchy but contrived and focus group led pile of Zoo readers fantasy pop to capture the country’s hearts is another reason as to why there should be a mandatory IQ test before you are allowed access to Itunes. However as if to counterpoint the predictability of ‘I Kissed A Girl’ has been the bolt out of the blue success of indie folk also rans Noah And The Whale’ with ‘5 Years Time’ hitting the top 10. Now hoping to capitalise on achievement N&TW release their long awaited debut album ‘Peaceful, The World Lays Me Down’.

Comprising of front man Charlie Fink and a three man backing band N&TW specialise in the nu-folk sound being crafted by a million different people in London right now, think Jonny Flynn and Laura Marling. Mercury nominee Marling is particularly intrinsic to Noah… Fink produced her album ‘Alas I Cannot Swim’ and Marling herself is an ex member of Noah And The Whale, keeping up? Marling’s delicate vocals are scattered liberally over Peaceful… adding a sugary coating to Finks more world weary and croaky vocals. Those hordes inevitably drawn to this album through ‘5 Years Time’ will be taken aback by the stark difference between that song and the rest of the LP, there is scant similarity between the upbeat sunshine pop of ‘5 Years Time’ and ‘Shape Of My Heart’ and the majority of this album.

Fink’s introspective and world weary outlook on life belies his tender age and shows the promise of a fine song writer. His words speak of lost love, missing loved ones and the desire to transcend the mundane nature of life, album opener ‘2 Atoms In A Molecule’ is particularly symptomatic of this. Too often however this leads to plodding tracks that go nowhere and seem to take forever to get there- ‘Do What I Do’, ‘Give A Little Love’ and the albums last three tracks all lack the energy and melody of the albums stand out tracks. Future chart success however looks likely (£100 says they re-issue ‘Shape Of My Heart’ by the end of the year) however the likes of ‘Jocasta’ and ‘Second Lover’ could easily hit radio airwaves and become fan favourites.

The chart success of ‘5 Years Time’ has become a double edged sword for Fink et al, whilst it has brought attention to a band that looked like fading into the indie obscurity it has brought with it mainstream attention and much heavier analysis of ‘Peaceful…’ than perhaps the band are comfortable with. They are an individual and passionate band, not your average Radio 1 fodder. Lets hope the machine doesn’t chew them up and spit them out. Watch this band go from strength to strength.

'Shape Of My Heart'



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