Saturday, September 20

New Albums In 100 Words Or Less- September 22nd

. Saturday, September 20

Kings Of Leon
‘Only By The Night’

The ‘Southern Fried Strokes’ (NME) become ‘Y’all2’(Pitchfork) on album number 4 with mixed results. Four albums in five years is impressive however like ‘Because Of The Times’ the latter half of ‘Only By The Night’ runs out of steam around the half way mark. Alongside the Number 1 smash ‘Sex On Fire’ other highlights include ‘Closer’ and the humongous ‘Use Somebody’ which is destined to play over the credits of a thousand reality TV show finales. Things descend into Stadium Band™ territory soon after however and things lose the heart and passion KOL have always been about. Close but no cigar.

TV On The Radio
‘Dear Science’

Brooklyn demigods emerge for album 3 and shock all by becoming more accessible than ever. Siteks’ experimentation permeates throughout with loops and beats colliding perfectly under the soulful vocals creating a ceaselessly engaging atmosphere. ‘Dancing Choose’ channels Talking Heads, Outkast and Prince to create a cerebral floor filler whilst ‘Family Tree’ flexes the bands dexterity taking things down a notch with a piano led ballad. One of the most adored and revered bands of the modern day have delivered yet again on an album that will surely see their stock rise from underground chic to populist recognition.


Revivalism reaches it’s zenith with one of the best debut albums of the year. ‘Ladyhawke’ is cool retro fun spread thick showcasing Pip Browns love of Stevie Nicks and Chrisse Hynde to the full. All the tracks are packed full of huge choruses and enough hooks to last most bands a career, ‘Magic’, ‘Professional Suicide’ and ‘Manipulating Woman’ stand out in particular. Hipster points are retained through the albums release on Modular and being produced by Australian sex pots Van She. More 80’s than a John Hughes film about Live Aid in leg warmers but brilliant for that very reason.



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