Friday, September 19

Iglu & Hartly- '& Then Boom'

. Friday, September 19

Iglu & Hartly
& Then Boom
September 22nd

For anyone reading this that has surrendered and been tricked into believing Iglu & Hartly are “Just a bit of fun” and said “That song is actually really catchy” please seek help- you are suffering from a severe case of Radio 1 induced ‘Familiarity not Fondness’ disease and silent solitary confinement is the only cure. Make no bones about it Iglu & Hartly are the worst band to reach mass acclaim since their musical forefathers Crazy Town( and they had a rapper who called himself Shifty Shellshock).

Everything about the band screams corporate soulless jock rock horror from the topless live performances spewed on every TV show going to the bands Myspace page featuring a countdown to the album release date amidst links to the bands Bebo, Facebook, Youtube and Street Team pages. It’s a multimedia assault on the nations senses and like the spineless cretins so many people are they have caved in and started buying the damn bands whole shtick.

Said shtick is this: Red Hot Chilli Peppers funk guitars meets Beastie Boys teen party raps. It’s all achingly nu-metal without the angst or sense of irony. There is a show currently airing on BBC2’s youth orientated Switch section called Scene Stealers in which one member of a ‘tribe’ has to infiltrate another, so an emo kid must become a chav for the day for example. Iglu & Hartly sound like Stifler from the American Pie films trying toe curlingly hard to become a rapper. Everything sounds unprofessional and done on the cheap to maximise profit for the bosses. 90% of ‘& Then Boom’ lacks even the basic hooks of the aforementioned ‘In This City’.

The bands two rappers go by the names of Jarvis Anderson and Simon Katz both of whom appear to take their vocal inspiration from somewhere between Black Eyed Peas ‘My Humps’ and Fred Durst at a keg party. It’s sloppy, mono paced and utterly inconsequential. What is truly astonishing about this album is not its lack of quality; there are countless awful bands in every town in the world. It is the fact that said rubbish has infiltrated its way onto a relatively respectful label (Mercury is the home to, amongst others, Arcade Fire and Ryan Adams) and into peoples homes and MP3 players. The whole record sounds like an over extensive home demo packed full of bad ideas, poor musicianship and a vastly out of date concept. Why it was not thrown out of the nearest window is a mystery.

I might be preaching to the converted here but someone has to stand up against soulless tripe like this. There is not a single redeemable factor to be taken from ‘& Then Boom’ (Even the title is nonsensical) and all parties should take a long hard look at themselves. Corporate, bandwagon jumping, money grabbing opportunism is one thing but this is just an insult to the whole nation, a joke nobody seems to have caught onto. Iglu & Hartly are collectively giving the nation a wedgy and nobody seems to even care, that is why this is the worst album of the year.

'In This City'



Daniel said...

youre a fuckin hack. go put on ryan adams and masturbate to his photo in your bedroom.

Anonymous said...

Daniel shows the world that people who like this band have GREAT PERSONALITIES!

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