Thursday, September 18

Dodos- 'Visiter'

. Thursday, September 18

The Dodos
July 14th

Yes that is a deliberate typo in the album title. Yes they are a hype band and yes they combine psychedelic with folk but please don’t hate the Dodo’s as they are one of the best of the current raft of amazing bands coming out of America. ‘Visiter’ joins Fleet Foxes, White Denim, Bon Iver and The Hold Steady in proving there is far more creative excellence in the USA than there ever will be in a thousand Kaiser Chiefs.

The Dodos music is a beautiful and hypnotic take on folk and anti folk playing their guitars hard and fast but remaining acoustic, melodies marry choruses with aplomb and wistful melancholy is laced throughout. The album works in two parts, the earlier songs being more traditional and reined in with the second half of the LP letting loose and exploring sonic landscapes to a further extent.

Most people will enjoy the first half much more and it certainly is more immediately rewarding. ‘Walking’ and the single ‘Red and Purple’ make up an exciting opening one two that sets The Dodo’s manifesto out without delay. Meric Longs voice wraps around all number of chords and twinkles whilst the percussion rages in the background. This is symptomatic of The Dodo’s sound, the pace is set to quick but never speedy which creates an atmosphere of happiness whilst never negating the dark lyrics message. ‘Fools’ is one of ‘Visiter’s highlights with feedback drenched slide guitar and ramshackle drums bashing away in the background.

The second half of ‘Visiter’ from ‘Pain The Rust’ onwards is a much looser and more relaxed affair. Whilst the earlier tracks gallop and canter songs like ‘Park Song’ and ‘Ashley’ wander and meander at a slower pace taking a more introspective lyrical route. There are also three long songs that clock in at exactly six minutes and fourteen seconds. Of these ‘Paint The Rust’ and ‘Jodi’ see the introduction of the blues guitar into the mix and help to create a dirty whiskey soaked feel to proceedings, unfortunately ‘The Season’s faux epic styling fall short on this occasion.

The Dodo’s are a unique and inimitable band and ‘Visiter’ is a fine addition to the raft of great transatlantic music in 2008.




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